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Ignatius Linde is a young artist splitting time between Exeter, New Hampshire and Santa Cruz, California. He is currently seeking a Bachelors Degree in Art at University of California - Santa Cruz and plans on pursuing a Masters of Fine Art.

Ignatius grew up in Washington, DC before moving to a farm in New Hampshire . From a young age he displayed talent in creative endeavors and found peace in them. His natural artistic ability was furthered by his mother, an acclaimed poet, who instilled in him a deep appreciation for poetry, literature, and art. Ignatius' father taught him the importance of listening and learning, a quality which fostered curiosity and allowed him to hone his comprehension skills. These attributes, imparted by Ignatius' parents, have helped him establish a strong creative voice. This is observable in the evocative color dynamics displayed in his abstract works, the perceptive and playful luminance of his hyperrealistic works, and in the pieces which fuse both styles he creates a balanced and expressive visual experience.

Ignatius has engaged in a handful of courses, classes, and studios which bolster the intuitive artistry he has displayed. Susana Terrell was the first artist and professor Ignatius learned from at university, and in her class he developed the fundamentals of drawing and painting which set him on the path to pursue a career in the arts. Ignatius' artworks are already rousing interest in the short time they have been presented for public viewing. He has begun to accept commissions and works personally with each client to deliver an individualized artwork. With the growing demand for his works, he now devotes all his time not spent pursuing his degree, in the creation and development of his artworks.  

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